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The 10-Point Social Media Policy Everyone Will Understand

When a client asked me last week, the 10th person this year, if I could help them draft a social media policy for their company, I was very surprised. Not because she is another client who wanted a policy, but because her company only had 3 employees. Aren’t expectations for conduct and communications easy to explainContinue Reading

Influencers Are The TV Stations and Newspapers of Social Media

Influencers get the word out with the same reach and authority that TV, radio, newspapers, and flyers did in the former media era. It is through people sharing that things spread now. Sharing = Audience. Audience can become community. Your community becomes your brand. [Tweet this] I think a lot of marketers and owners would likeContinue Reading

Do This Today: Search For Your Company

Every once in a while, it’s a smart idea to take a few minutes to see ourselves through the eyes of people we hope will hire us. That may sound very elementary and obvious but many – in fact most – of our clients are surprised and fascinated when we research and describe their currentContinue Reading

People Don’t Go To Facebook To Buy, They Go To Be Social

Facebook does not drive direct sales, contrary to the hopes and ambitions of businesses everywhere. It is primarily a marketing tool, and the sooner your company realizes this, the sooner your strategy for engagement will put Facebook in its rightful place. Facebook is useful for 3 things 1. Branding Facebook is primarily a tool meantContinue Reading

Sharability Is The Measurement That Matters

What is sharability? It’s the “X factor” of a piece of content that makes people what to share it. Sharability is the ingredient that must exist in every piece of content you share or you are wasting your time/investment. “I’m very passionate about traditional media. I don’t think it’s dead. I just think it’s overpriced.”Continue Reading