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3 Reasons Why Your Sharing Plan Should Come Before You Create Your Content

Great content that companies create, often at significant expense of either time or money or both, is meant to be shared, celebrated, and attractive to people the business wants in their brand community. Two of those three hopes – having the content shared and celebrated – are tied to the sharing strategy. So how theContinue Reading

November’s “Mentor On-Call” Is An Expert On Storytelling For Brands

Greg Hemmings is a beloved and respected filmmaker, photographer, musician and storyteller who takes the stories that every business has to tell and turns them into beautiful, powerful, sharable visual content. And for the month of November he is also the Learn by Sociallogical™ “Mentor On-Call” writing weekly blog posts for our private network and answeringContinue Reading

Buzzwords and Jargon Are Anti-Social and Push People Away

Buzzwords and jargon are found in every field and around almost any topic and they are created and employed by people who wish to demonstrate that they know what they’re talking about and often to show that they know more than you do. How do you think that makes people feel who you consider valuableContinue Reading

6 Steps To Turn Your Business Leaders Into Brand Influencers

The following post is a continuation from yesterday’s Is Your Intern Or Your CEO the Most Influential Person in Your Company? Once you Find out who is influencing your company’s brand you can build relationships with them. If the leaders of your company are not among them, they need to be and here are a few steps youContinue Reading

Is Your Intern Or Your CEO the Most Influential Person in Your Company?

Whoever has the strongest personal brand in any company is the person or people who have the greatest influence on the brand itself. Who are those people in your company? I am willing to bet that for most companies, the person with the strongest brand is more often the intern than the CEO. What IContinue Reading