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How a Simple Technique Can Make You More Human Online: Start With Who

Whenever you share anything on social media, always try to have at least one person in mind who you think would appreciate it. Start with who. Start by identifying the one or two people you especially want to show this to. When you have someone in mind you’ll know right away where is the bestContinue Reading

7 Reasons Why Everyone In Business Should Have a Twitter Account – And Use It

Twitter isn’t hot anymore. But Twitter has been and continues to be the best training ground for good social media use and niche marketing and ignoring it as a business person is kind of irresponsible. While Twitter has become noisy, it is instructional, powerful, and precise and continues to be the social network I recommend clients useContinue Reading

Buzzwords And The Difference Between Monitoring Social Media and Measuring It

The information overload courtesy of the internet has baffled a lot of us. Everyone now has blind spots as there is too much knowledge for any one person to master. And so, when it comes to social media and what a business should do with it, very few know what they need, who can provideContinue Reading

Switch To Google+ Without Leaving Your Facebook Friends Behind (If You Want To)

Obviously, most people just want to be connected with their friends online and aren’t that particular about the format of that connection. That means that most of the 1 billion active users on Facebook are fine with it, thank you very much. The same goes for the 240 million on LinkedIn, the 560 million onContinue Reading

Who Owns Your Brand? 3 Common Misconceptions

The concept of a brand is abused as a marketing term, misused as a weapon to sell fear to businesses, and ignored as unimportant or secondary to the real goals of a business. The emergence of social is reviving old issues that plague businesses everywhere and provide obstacles to clear direction and focus. Misconceptions: UXContinue Reading