Sociallogical Began...

In the world's most connected city, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada In the winter of 2011. The birthplace of the storied radian6 and probably the only city in the world that built two complete fibre optic networks in the 1990s on which the world's most advanced telecom infrastructure exists today. In a beautifully historic urban "campus", about 9 city blocks on the harbour, are over 35 technology companies and in that cool little neighbourhood, we started Sociallogical.

We knew that the fundamentals of how businesses operate had changed significantly in just a few short years. And we knew that most people didn't understand it, weren't sure how to adapt and capitalize on it, and most feared it to some degree.

While we didn't believe that social media was the reason for all of this, we strongly believed that it was the catalyst. The transparency and openness alone, inflicted on society by social media, has forced significant change on the business world.

Our Answer

After several years of starting and growing companies in this online environment, we understood how this works and we knew we could help other companies.

We became the strategic firm that gets to know how our clients operate and embeds social media tools and practices into their operations. We help our clients build communities around their brands, starting with their own teams on the inside - if you don't socialize with your brand community, why should anyone else?

In the beginning, we suspected we might only have 5-10 years doing this before most leaders and businesses understood all of this and adapted. We were wrong. Demand grows for the kind of help we offer as the tools and practices become evermore sophisticated and powerful.

Sociallogical is a growth company. We strategically connect you to whoever you need to for growth to occur. We mentor leaders, train staff, create online platforms and strategies to grow your business, and measure what matters in the social space.

Jeff Roach, Founder / Strategic Connector

When we started Sociallogical I figured companies might need us to help them figure out social media for 5-10 years and then everyone would get it and we'd find a new purpose. However, media continues to change quickly and significantly, making entry and advantage harder to figure out. 

So, still, most business leaders I meet aren't sure of what they need, who can provide it, how much it should cost, or what the potential outcomes could be. But they know social media is a big deal and they know they need to make that channel work to survive and grow. We started Sociallogical to help business leaders do that.


Kelly Lawson, Founder / Branding

I connect people. I help businesses connect with their customers and each other. I am a founder of Sociallogical and in 2012 I focused primarily on developing and implementing an inbound marketing strategy for a tech startup in UK and US healthcare, a great opportunity to combine my occupational therapy profession and passion for the social web.

My therapy is photography. I love finding the magnificence in a split second; grabbing moments like butterflies in jars. It's those moments that make sharable media powerful. I have a passion for helping businesses and brands find their personality and their community.


Phil Sweezey, Learn by Sociallogical

I am building our business training services, Learn by Sociallogical, and focused on making sure that what we offer helps people to learn and act right away in their businesses. My entire career has been as an educator and an interpreter and implementer of technology advancements in several educational environments in Canada and China. I earned a Master's degree in educational technology in 2016 from UBC and love finding meaningful ways to make business training more engaging, supportive, and useful.