Phil Sweezey is our new Director of Learning. He is an expert on education technology with an M.Ed. from UBC and is an experienced advisor of leaders, businesses, and the people who sit in the front seat of communications for their organization.

Mostly, Phil is a great guy who listens well, is easy to talk to, patient with people as they learn, and confident in the things he knows well. This week Phil is launching our 3rd iteration of the Learn by Sociallogical™ online platform - a private social network and course framework that allows people to learn in privacy or with the mentorship of experts and their fellow travellers in social engagement.

Tomorrow Phil will be teaching the first workshop based on the new framework and with all new updated lessons for 2017  in the office of Uptown Saint John. (Registration is still open)

This course is the original, foundational course that we have taught to hundreds of Canadian business professionals. Over the last 5 years, Sociallogical has trained over 1,500 professionals and leaders how to understand social media and to use it to grow their organizations.

It’s ideal for business professionals and owners who:

  • Have been using social media, but need a stronger understanding of how it can accomplish business goals.

  • Want to learn the value of the multitude of social media platforms and tools to THEIR business.

  • Need to learn about tools to optimize results / time.

  • Want to figure out the best way to create and share various media for their target audience.

  • Need to understand how social media provides a business advantage to more than just marketing.

You can sign up and reserve your seat today.