Launch ScreenThe Sociallogical Team is for hire at any time by anyone who wants our mentorship by using a new service our friend built called I just added a link to my Clarity account from my Google+ profile and labelled it 'Mentor for Hire'. Anyone who signs up, can call me and pay by the minute for guidance, advice, or to just pick my brain about a big or a small decision that they know I can help them with.

Clarity handles the call from start to finish. Just hit the 'Call Now' button and Clarity will call me first to check that I'm available and, if so, we'll talk! If not, I can call you back later. So there's no need to even schedule an appointment. It handles the transaction between us and anyone can have access to my help any time I'm available!

The nature of our business is guidance and education. In transforming to social business practices, our clients are all learning how to be themselves online and how to represent their businesses in a personal way. Fear weighs heavy for some and others just don't have a sense for what works to build relationships. Strategically connecting to our communities of support isn't something we all just naturally know how to do and it's often a lonely and confusing time when you're getting your feet wet in this very public, personal media world.

Mentorship is the perfect approach for social business consulting and is the backbone of Sociallogical's new courses, the support teams we build for our clients, and now we are available at the drop of a hat to mentor our clients when they need us.

A Mentor In Your Pocket

Designed with the smart phone UI top of mind, clients can bookmark Clarity on their home screen, open the web app from their phone and contact any mentor they need - who could be anywhere in North America - as a local call (see below screenshots of how I did this on my phone) web app screenshots on mobile


Future plans for Clarity will make it an increasingly indispensable productivity tool for people who make a living on the value they provide with the advice they have to give. New functionality is added to the service every day.

A true consumer-based web service built in New Brunswick, Canada using a lean startup approach, Clarity isn't in alpha or beta, it's just being built, one piece at a time. It's being used by friends who understand it and share passion for its growth, and anyone who hears about it and wants to be part of making it better and better. The company is making money and enabling mentors to make a living, right now, right out of the gate. That's a model we need more of on the east coast.

This is an exciting new development in the world of connected business and we are very excited to be early adopters and supporters of such an incredibly useful tool. Try it. Call me.