We all know that small things can make big differences and signing in to an online service can be a big pain for a lot of people. So, to make things easy for our learners, we have installed a single sign-on (SSO) service so people can sign on to our courses using their Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts instead of needing to remember yet another password.

This is the first in a list of feature and usability improvements we are rolling out this month all to serve one purpose: to make Sociallogical Learn the ideal environment for business people to learn social business and to mentor each other through the big changes of the coming decade.

Setting Up Single Sign-On

If it's your first time using Learn, just click one of the social icons to the right to get started with SSO. Once you select a service, you're walked through the rest of the process and a Learn account will automatically be created for you.

Already using Learn? You can still make use of this convenience.

  1. Sign in to your account if you haven't already,
  2. open the User Menu on the right hand side of the Learn bar and
  3. hit My Account.
  4. Click Social Accounts, followed by
  5. Add Linked Account and then follow the onscreen process.

When you're done, you can forget about your Learn password and just use SSO to sign on in the future!

How it Works

It's quite simple really - we are simply linking your social accounts to your Learn account. These relationships are then automatically saved and remembered for future use.

We know that passwords are a pain for most people - they are often a pain for us. So we hope this simple improvement makes life a little bit easier for our learners by making it easier to visit us more often and find out what's new in social business.