I have a new pleasure: watching GoPro HD videos. What are they? They are videos shot using the GoPro HD video camera. And they are amazing!

So amazing that these videos are a new form of entertainment as well as an incredibly powerful weapon of marketing. I sit here glued to my laptop, unable to look away and miss another great adventure I had never even imagined before. All shot with the product the producers of the video are selling.

This is a fine example of amazing inbound marketing.

  1. Create content that is extremely interesting for your target market and associate it with your brand.
  2. Share it and engage directly with parties closest to your community.
  3. Make it easy for fans to share.
  4. Bonus for GoPro: Create your content using your own product.

Their camera is tiny, incredibly durable, waterproof, films in HD quality, and can be attached to a growing number of devices and helmets so it can capture unusual perspectives. Those are unique features that differentiate it from the competition. So they chose to use these cameras for some of the most extreme uses their fans could conjure to show their value through a unique entertainment product.

The people in their videos are the heroes of their target market. They are an irresistible draw for the people they want to sell their cameras to.

What content could you create that would be extremely interesting or useful for your target market?