Headshots are a relatively new business requirement. A decade ago, we just needed to share our contact information, but now we need to share a little more about ourselves, so letting the world see what you look like has become an important part of that.

And not just any old photo of you will do.

"Here’s a simple suggestion when considering whether your profiles and activity online are “authentic”: if someone who only knew you online met you in person would they be surprised?" (source)

Would someone be surprised if they saw your headshot online then met you and spoke to you in person?

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

While people are coming to understand how important their headshot (or avatar) is on their social media profiles, still not a lot of people are able to obtain good ones. So we thought we would take all of the advice we have to give on the topic and put it in an eBook and make it free to use.

In this e-book my wish is to help you produce more authentic - and beautiful - images of yourself, your staff, your friends, your colleagues.  Written to be a quick and accessible read, take these tips with you on your quest to create a better personal online image, avatar or headshot.

There's even 3 chapters to share with your photographer and advice on how to choose the right photographer.

I tried to cover all the bases, answer all the questions I have been asked on the topic, and make it as easy to read and understand as possible.

Please let me know what you think and continue to ask any questions I can help you with.