What is sharability? It's the "X factor" of a piece of content that makes people what to share it. Sharability is the ingredient that must exist in every piece of content you share or you are wasting your time/investment.

In the olden days of traditional advertising in a newspaper or on a billboard, it was all about broadcasting your message. People selling ad placements would get you to play the numbers game. If their readership was 100,000 people, maybe 1,000 people would notice your ad, maybe 100 would care and maybe 10 would call. So if advertising in that paper will get you 10 leads, advertising in 2 more similar papers would get you 30. (I'm making these ratios up just to make my point).

Back then, exposure was the key. It was about broadcasting and it was as good as it got.

Social Business Is Niche and Targeted

In a social media world, if people don't share your content, no new people see your content [tweet this]. It just sits there and you either:

  1. pay someone like Facebook to show it to more people, or
  2. people who see it share it with their networks.

Those are your two options for exposure.

But when that sharing occurs, it should resonate. If the first few people were compelled to share it, chances are a few of the people who they shared it to will also consider it share-worthy  (and so on and so on...)

We want to know: In your business, do you know what kind of content your target audience likes to share?