map of communities #learnsocial is a hashtag used by people who are learning social and mentoring each other on growing social businesses. If you want to get in on this conversation, listen to users who use the tag in their posts on Twitter and Google+ and start using it yourself.

A hashtag is a community. By using tags and listening to them, we all stay connected to conversations around a community's interests.


Create a stream in your Twitter client for #learnsocial and pay attention to the conversation and information that might help you grow in your social business practice.


Search #learnsocial and hit the 'save to search'. In the left margin you will then see #learnsocial that you can click any time to see what's being posted to the community there.


We also created a Linkedin Group where anyone can join and mentor each other on social business. Post an article, ask a question or answer a question on the leading business network.

Why We Started This Tag

Two simple words that describe what everyone will need to do in the coming years: learn social

Our intention is to create a community, starting with students who get a kickstart learning the ropes in our courses, who can support each other with what they are learning, useful tips they've found, and perspectives on what works, what doesn't and why.

We Are Listening

The team at Sociallogical is listening to these streams and helping wherever we can. We're also encouraging our students to jump in and share with each other while they're learning and long after they've finished a class.

In a few years we won't even call it social. It will just be business and life. But it's a big adjustment for businesses and their people. Changing how we run and grow businesses is best learned from other people. And mentorship is something we believe in.

Join us in using #learnsocial and tell us how we can help you learn.