Is it possible for an employee's opinions to be firewalled from their employer's by adding a clause or making a public statement that their opinions are independent? The short answer is no.

On Saturday morning we had a Hangout on a issue that we'll hear more about in the years to come. Here are a few points made in this Hangout:

  • If an employer doesn't address activity when it first arises there almost becomes an approval of the activity.
  • Using social media inappropriately certainly can result in the loss of your employment.
  • Whether or not you have it written in an explicit contract or not, you have an obligation of good faith toward your employer.
  • Depending on your position in the company, you are a reflection of your employer whether you're in your workplace or outside the workplace.
  • Your employer is entitled to expect you to act in good faith toward the company.
  • Sharing content that undermines relationships that are important to your employer may jeopardize your employment and no clause will save you.

Those are a few of the highlights. We were a little slow getting going but we got into a good discussion once we put the technical issues behind us (I'll have headphones next time). We had others want to join us on the Hangout but we started 30 minutes late and I'm sorry about that. We'll include other members next time.

If there is anything in this discussion that you would like me to go into greater depth in a future Hangout, please let me know in the comments below.

Mel Norton, BA, LLB is a member of Learn by Sociallogical™ and practices law in New Brunswick, Canada as a Partner with Lawson Creamer.