Sociallogical Content Management

A content plan is a simpler, tactical service, built on decisions you have already made about your brand, your goals, and your resources. To grow a community a brand needs sharable content. Sociallogical will identify who should be engaged, where they can be found, what content will grab their attention, how it should be shared, and a technique for measuring and making content decisions for the future.

Sociallogical Community Management

Social media is the content we share. Social networking is the activity of building relationships around that media. Without networking, social media amounts to advertising and can actually cause harm to your brand. Ignoring your community is unwise. It involves listening for mentions of your brand or services, listening for conversations, and commenting and sharing with a consistent tone of voice and in a timely manner.


Curated Sharing

We put on your brand-centric goggles and we find content already in the social space that relates to you and what you do - quality content made by others that fits with your strategy. Then we share it with your followers on your social channels.