eBook: Ditch the Lame Headshot

Your headshot is how people will know who you are, even when it is only 15 pixels high.

This eBook provides help for both business people and photographers alike to present the best, most authentic, faces possible online.

by Kelly Lawson

The best, most complete collection of advice that Sociallogical personal branding specialist and photographer Kelly Lawson has to share on the subject of headshots and how to get them done right.


Advice For Both Photographers And Clients

Table of Contents:

Why Your Headshot is So Important to Your Career and Company

About the Author

1. Putting Your Best e-Foot Forward: Why a Good Headshot is Important

2. The Setting: A White Wall Isn't Enough

3. Composition: Beware of The Bad Crop

4. Lighting: Catch it if You Can

5. Depth of Field: Guidelines for Your Headshot


6. Expression: Hold the Cheeeese

7. Positioning: A Few Good Tips

8. Advice on Hiring the Right Photographer


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