There's a Unique strategy to reach every audience.

You need to go to where your audience is, to the people you hope will participate in your brand community. The only way you can know that is by doing the research. For businesses using social media, the most important message is: target, target, target.


sociallogical Engagement Strategy

A social engagement strategy is a research-based roadmap to engage an audience with a purpose. It encompasses brand building considerations, describes content options and KPIs, outlines a sharing schedule, assigns resources from inside and outside your business, and confidently guides your company to success that we can measure, demonstrate, and build on.

Sociallogical Brand Strategy

We put the “how” into your brand strategy when it comes to online engagement. Once you have defined your brand, identified your target audience, and defined your personas, Sociallogical™ will build on that platform to create the plan that will engage your audience and build your brand reputation.


Sociallogical Engagement Lead

You can employ someone who has limited experience or resources to grow a business online. Or Sociallogical can join your team for a contract term to lead the changes needed to grow your brand online. Our team will work with your content creators/agency to support aggressive implementation of your strategy with quick approvals, strategic input, and we’ll interpret measurements and make tactical adjustments to grow your community online.