The Learn by Sociallogical™ Team

We know what we're talking about. We create training modules meant for people to learn today and start using it tomorrow. Our core team is often supported by guest speakers who are experts in their field and eager to share their experiences. Most of all, everything we teach and share is accessible to our clients through the Learn by Sociallogical™ course platform which is regularly updated and always engaging.

Phil Sweezey, MEd 

Phil is our Director of Learning. He is an expert on education technology with an M.Ed. from UBC and is an experienced advisor of leaders, businesses, and the people who sit in the front seat of communications for their organization.

Mostly, Phil is a great guy who listens well, is easy to talk to, patient with people as they learn, and confident in the things he knows well. Phil is putting the pieces together of our 3rd iteration of the Learn by Sociallogical™ online platform - a private social network and course framework that allows people to learn in privacy or with the mentorship of experts and their fellow travellers in social engagement.

Kelly Lawson 

Kelly oozes branding expertise and strategic thinking. She is our co-founder and also the founder and prime pusher of the Canadian fashion startup *Ella. She has a lot to say about how to present and grow a brand online and that always starts with: listen. When Kelly teaches it is always with personal experiences of success and failure, and lots of good humour. A trust agent is someone with a strong sense of hospitality and concern for others and is able to project the concern they have for others and Kelly is a trust agent of the first order!

Jeff Roach 

Jeff is the co-founder of Sociallogical and the guy who most strongly believes in social media's ability to make business more friendly, transparent, service oriented, and socially responsible. He does most of the talking, writing, teaching and strategizing and it's his vision - that social media needs to be part of the fabric of every company's operations, not just their marketing department - that our company is built on. Jeff takes the complicated stuff targeted at the experts and makes it accessible and actionable for clients and learners to start using tomorrow. He has built social engagement strategies and taught clients in the Arabian Gulf the USA, and across Canada and is a regular writer on the strategies that connect people. Wind him up with a tough question and watch him go!

Kash Kannaiti, MBA 

Kash has 3 business degrees - 3 of them! All from the UK, but he is our favourite (relatively) new Canadian. Kash has been working with Sociallogical as our international agent representative and teaching our clients how to take the advanced methods of connecting to clients, customers, and prospects and gently introduce them into more traditional corporate cultures. Kash knows the best business practices of the past and understands how these need to evolve into our future.