We put on your brand-centric goggles and we find content already in the social space that relates to you and what you do - quality content made by others that fits with your strategy.

Then we share it with your followers on your social channels.

Sharing curated content does a couple of things for you. First, it helps to define your brand by what it’s associated with. Second, it expands the scope of interest for your brand and its applications, giving you a wider potential audience for your content. Third, it works in concert with your own content, giving you a robust and multi-dimensional voice in the social space. 

It needs to be complemented with your own brand content, and given contextual relevance by the comments offered in the social space by your team members on an ongoing basis. But it keeps costs down, supports your brand goals, and makes sure your social accounts are never "dead" when new visitors stop by.


Let's talk about Curated Sharing!

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