Do you remember how you felt when, as a kid, your teacher would wheel the TV trolley into the classroom to show you a video? That was exciting! A change of pace, a new voice, and a story told in a medium we were in love with.

And it was a shared experience. It turns out that storytelling, especially through a visual, "moving picture" medium like video, TV, or film is how we see things in our minds so they speak to us in our most natural language (see video below).

Enter the Storytelling Experts

That's what we are going to talk about with Learn members on Wednesday night in a live online conversation between our November Mentor On-Call Greg Hemmings, and acclaimed (and TIFF award-winning) movie producer, director, and writer Gia Milani (short bio below).

Based on the Learn lesson Moving Pictures: Storytelling and the Power of Video, Greg and Gia will discuss what makes a great story and how they can be discovered in what we think are the most routine activities of our lives.

And since we're talking about storytelling for businesses, we're going to make this very relevant:

  • What can make a story - any story - interesting and engaging.
  • What makes a story worth talking about and sharing.
  • What makes a story sharable?
  • What to avoid when telling a great story.
  • Why every brand has great stories to tell and big budgets aren't necessary to tell them.

Sign up to join in the event . If you're not a Learn member, become one and request to join the private Learn community on Google+. We'll make sure you are reminded before the event. And if you have never joined a hangout before, you'll be able to watch the hangout live, just like Strombo :)

About Gia Milani

Gia Milani is an acclaimed moviemaker/storyteller from New Brunswick who loves to support other artists at home and abroad when she can. To better tell her story, here are a few stories others have told about her:

Why Your Brand Stories Are Best Told Through Video

The most recent blog post that Greg has written for Learn members can be found here. It's a great perspective on storytelling and it's told through his observations as an attendee of two awards galas this past month. Check it out.