water blast We're blowing our brains out on having everything that we ever wanted available, and then some, and we are unplugging.

Niche Communities Rule

There are so many interesting people to connect with, so much unique and varied entertainment, an entire world's collection of information available that people are filtering - they have to!

Reaching a target market is not about standing out anymore, as much as it is about standing for and offering something that people can identify that they need and care about. They'll find you when they need you. And when they do, you want your COMMUNITY speaking for how great you are, not just your marketing.

People don't have the time or the patience for the distractions that so many brands are throwing out. To win people's attention in Branding 1.0 we became loud, aggressive, and sometimes offensive to grab everyone's attention. Branding 2.0 is about being really great and known for one specific niche that has its own community of buyers and boosters.

We're Exhausted and People are Beginning to React

Nobody wants the chaos that extreme indulgence in multi media - social, entertainment and knowledge media included - breeds. We've been there and we can't take it. We're starting to learn to filter noise and only let in what we believe will enrich our lives.

Brands should respect this and focus on being good and available. If not, you, too, will be filtered and ignored.

How are you filtering media in your own life? How is your business speaking to your niche audience so you don't get filtered?